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Christian communities from across Strathclyde in Scotland called Methodists


This website is a brief introduction to what we aim to offer to communities and individuals. We are people who believe that all can find a meaning in life through the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. So, you are invited to explore by yourself materials in this platform or to connect with others if you feel like it. You may find Christian communities here, of which you would like to be part. We want to be inclusive and aim to offer a safe space for all seekers.


Who are ComeUnity ?

Gatherings of diverse Christian disciples and seekers.


We believe there is more to life than career, money, pleasure, appearance and holidays.


We believe that relationships matter most of all; our relationship with the whole world, with others, with ourselves and the Living God.


We believe that we are part of a bigger and wider life experience.


We want to connect with others who share a spiritual curiosity and a desire to embrace the living of life to the full.

What do we do ?

Worshipping - Learning - Caring - Serving - Sharing.

We are communities based across the Strathclyde area, in and around Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

We meet online and onsite.

We explore and express our faith through gathering, viewing and listening. All have equal value and are invited to participate in the building up of each other's faith.

What do we stand for ?




These three principles are foundational in the forming of ComeUnity: not only our beliefs and ethics but also who we are as individuals and how we relate together as a community.

What's new on ComeUnity?

What actions impacting our community are we taking?

Every Tuesday between 11:30-1:30pm we offer freshly prepared soup with an array of activities each week: Wellbeing from the Glasgow Lifelink MH practitioners; Death Cafe; Games; and Crafts. All are welcome. G431LH

Please contact Deacon Bob on 0141 737 3077 for more details

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The best of all is

God is with us.

John Wesley

How to contact us ?

The best way to contact us is to leave a message on our Facebook page or use the email address below.

Strathclyde (Scotland)

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