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Who are we ?

Who is ComeUnity?

Gatherings of diverse Christian disciples and seekers.


We believe there is more to life than career, money, holidays and other stuff. We believe in relationships; with the whole world, each other and those we don't know, our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with the "ultimate being" we call God.

We are part of a bigger and wider life experience. We want to connect with others share a spiritual curiosity and a desire to embrace life to the full.

We may not have the answer to all the questions but we are willing to journey. Would you join us?

We know that Christian experience, faith in an incarnated and loving God and Bible teachings are helping and will help us. You are welcome to join us if you feel we are talking the same language.

What do we stand for ?

We are part of the British Methodist family.

We are deeply committed to inclusiveness and equality in diversity. We are determined not to be judgemental as we are all children of God. Contact us if you are curious...

You may also find more information on the national website

(click on Methodist Church in Britain button below).

Our values

If LOVE is our ultimate core divine value: love of God and love of all. As a communities we have identified 3 worldly and spiritual values important to us:

INCLUSIVE: a deliberate focus on including all in the good news of God’s love whatever gender, age, backgrounds, culture, race or who you love;

TRANSFORMATIONAL: the experience of God in our discipleship, ministry and mission has and will have have effects and changes in our lives and world;

INVOLVED: Our faith is not passive but active. The transformation in our heart and soul translates in the transformation of our world and the way we are ... church.

How to translate these values in our life ...

                                                        ... by the grace of God!

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