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Strathclyde Inclusive Recovery Church

led by Revd Laurent Vernet

Across the world, addictions are a symptom of people been hurt, hopeless and ill. It is the product and an issue for our societies. In Scotland, the situation is particularly pronounced as over 25 per 100,000 persons die of overdose (plus similar number for those dying of alcohol poisoning). The British average is 10 persons. So, what can we do?

We have listened and discerned how a church could help. We are not experts. We are not doctors or counsellors or social workers. The thing we have is empathy, compassion and love… not of the patronising sort but inspired by grace. We have started various pilots in Woodlands Methodist Church (Glasgow) and working with people with addictions and / or in recovery we are offering support and love. We are not interested in conversion; we leave it to the Holy Spirit but we are happy to walk alongside people seeking a deeper meaning in their lives and hopes. We want to serve the communities that all has the right to full life.

We offer CCAR Recovery Coaching free of charge. You are able to see all the groups relevant to Recovery which are using a Methodist Church building across Strathclyde.

We are working with lay and secular organisations including local authorities. We are unashamed Christian as we know that through Jesus’ teaching, deeds of love are more important than words.

From the 01st September, Revd Laurent Vernet (him/He) is a dedicated Recovery Minister to the Recovery Communities in Strathclyde. We are slowly building a Strathclyde Inclusive Recovery Church (SIRC) where all are welcome. None is judged or rejected. Come the way you are. Contact me on this link:


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