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The Full Story


The first Chapter in our Bible is one which we might recall from our childhood days. Perhaps, we have not heard it for many a year. Here is an opportunity to listen and read the words, spoken by members of the Strathclyde Methodist Circuit in Scotland. There is also an opportunity for you to download the small audio version to play on your mobile device or computer.
What are your thoughts when you consider re-reading Genesis?

YouTube : Genesis

Click the text opposite to go to Pollokshaws Methodist Church YouTube site and watch a video of the readings of Genesis. You might wish to skip to the parts you recall, but then go back and catch again on what you may have missed; or slowly feel yourself being 'bathed' in the colourful and, at times, odd storyline.  
What does it mean to us today?

Audio : Genesis

Click on the text opposite to download the audio file (463MB) to your own mobile device to computer, so you can listen to it wherever you might be:
on the bus, the train, or on your favourite walk. You will see a new screen where, top left, is a download button. 
What does this story mean to us today?

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